Saturday, December 28, 2013

Things We Like To Do In Nashville

We happened upon Chloe's dream car while on an afternoon stroll in East Nashville

Indulging in my usual burger & sweet potato fries @ The Pharmacy. Their homemade cream soda is heavenly, and the burger buns are the best I've tasted.
Tree farm in the 12 South district. We were big fans of the baby trees.
Stopped in for a sip at one of our favorite local Nashville coffee shops, Frothy Monkey.
Leaf latte art
Enjoying a cream soda & gyro with basmati rice at Kalamata's in Green Hills

During the winter months, one thing I love about Nashville is how it seems to be perpetually stuck on a "cold fall day". It's nothing like our native Minnesota, where each month is in competition to be more excruciatingly cold than the last. We don't have to worry about surprise blizzards (although the same cannot be said about the abundance of incompetent drivers we'll face should we happen upon a light dusting), but Nashville's bipolar nature never fails to keep us on our toes in case of late-night tornado warnings.
Our dad came to visit a couple weeks back, and rather than find something new to do (a new restaurant to try, a different part of town) we succumbed to the comfort of our same-old-same-old favorites.

The Pharmacy - Whether you live in Nashville or are just visiting, this burger joint is a MUST. The atmosphere is quaint and a bit rustic (in the very best, hipster-vintage sort of way) and during the summer months is guaranteed to draw flocks to the charming bier garden out back. The food is top-notch: hearty burgers between the most delicious burger buns, the infamous tater tots (or sweet potato fries for weirdos like me), and hand-crafted homemade sodas. There's even a black bean burger for the vegetarians ;)

12 South Tree Farm - Up and running during the days leading up to Christmas, we popped into this cute little tree farm after being drawn in by their whimsically-magical-looking string lights. String lights have the effect on me that candy has on a small child. Unfortunately, we were not there to buy a tree, but the young gentleman who greeted us gave the most adorable spiel about all the different kinds of firs available. Naturally I melted, and would've bought a tree right there on the spot if our apartment was big enough to house one.

Frothy Monkey - First off, this place is called FROTHY MONKEY. How could anyone resist a place with a name like that? Pure awesome is what it is. They have everything a local-coffee-shop-loving Nashvillian is looking for: awe-inducing latte art, a cozy environment, witty drink names, and a food menu (a Godsend for customers like me who arrive with the intention of only buying a small hot chocolate, and 2 hours into the study session realize OMG I'M SO HUNGRY I COULD POSSIBLY EAT THOSE SMALL UNBORN ANIMALS FROM THE BIZARRE FOOD SHOWS...NOT REALLY, BUT I AM VERY HUNGRY).

Kalamata's - I've mentioned this delicious Mediterranean cuisine in a previous blog post, but it's worth mentioning again. This is one of those places that makes you think, "My goodness, I can't believe I'm getting such scrumptious food for an equally delicious price." Which is probably why they brilliantly placed a location next to the Belmont University college campus. I love ordering their Gyro Plate with basmati rice, and if I'm feeling extra chipper (or if dad is in town to share in this sacred treat) will occasionally splurge on a glass-bottled cream soda. They serve the Boyland brand that uses pure cane sugar, which I am a huge fan of.

Carmike Hickory 8 (Antioch) - Like 99.9% of the population, I could practically live at the cinema, but OMG have movies gotten expensive! That is why I love to frequent the Carmike Hickory 8. They show movies for around $2 bucks, and for a cheap-o like me, that is irresistible. They show all the good movies a month or so after they're released. The theater space itself can rival just about any other (which is not saying much since there are few theaters in Nashville that I'd dub especially "posh"). After dinner at Kalamata's we saw Elysium, which I really enjoyed (because I'm super into that sci-fi futuristic stuff) but Chloe and dad were only so-so on.

Hope you had a nostalgia-inducing holiday season surrounded by family that you love (and may be occasionally irritated by) and got presents you will cherish for more than a week! ;)


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