Saturday, February 22, 2014

Blog moved to

Hi folks!
We will no longer be blogging at this web address. The Chasing Lovely blog has moved to a new domain:

We'd love for you to check out our new space. We've already added a couple new blog posts, created fun "about" pages, and you can even shop our closet!

Be sure to subscribe to our new blog so you don't miss out.

Chloe & Taylor


Why did you move your blog?

We moved the blog mainly for aesthetic reasons. We are not professional computer techies, and were having a hard time customizing our blog since we don't know much html code. We did not want our lack of expertise to reflect in the visual quality of our blog, and felt our Blogger was getting a bit cluttered and outdated.

Will this blog be deleted?

For right now, we are not deleting this blog. We don't know how to re-route links, and would hate for someone to get an "error" message if they tried to access our Blogger blog. That's not to say we won't delete this blog in the future, so please subscribe to our new blog so you don't lose us forever!

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