Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Experiment

This is a photo-blog dedicated to "chasing lovely" and documenting it.

I tend to call all of my new endeavors "The Experiment." The idea for this particular one came about when I was brushing my teeth before bed. Over the years, I have come to realize that people comment on what I wear, for better or worse. I've always immensely enjoy playing with clothes and messing with my hair (at a young age my mom found me in my room piling every item of clothing I had on all at one time), and thought, wouldn't it be fun to document my outfits behind a lens and share it with the world?

That's when I ran into a problem, as most great ideas are accompanied with one. What, you might ask? I'm sure many of you are familiar with it: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Oh, I know it's shocking to believe, but sadly there is no money tree growing in my backyard. Maybe that is because I do not have a backyard. ANYWAYS, the point is, because of this, I do not own a plethora of clothes. I know I will eventually run out of clothes to photograph, and there are only so many combinations that I can create (but I WILL exhaust all options!). 

Then I thought, what if I extended this idea to include other people who inspire me by their everyday fashion selections? Then, when I run out of clothes to photograph, I can incorporate other people wearing their favorite outfits. So essentially, I will have a never-ending closet to pull from!

My hope is that this can become a sort of virtual inspiration board. I do not have the patience to cut out my favorite pictures from magazines and tac them up. But documenting on the world wide web? I think I can handle that. 

And so, dear readers, as I continue "chasing lovely," I implore you to come along for the ride. 


p.s.- Don't hesitate to let us know if you have cute outfits. That you'd like us to photograph you in. kthanks. 'cuz we feel somewhat creeeepster coming up and asking you ;)


  1. Hey girlies! Two things!
    1) I absolutely ADORE this blog! Keep up the amazing work!
    2) I was wondering if you would please photograph me in one of my cute outfits? Let me know if you can at all and if so when a good time is! :)
    -Dova <3

  2. Thanks, Dova!
    I finally realized we could post comments on here as "Chasing Lovely." Glad we were able to do the feature on you. Thanks so much for commenting and for keeping up with our blog (: