Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dova Barnes. In the house.

Hey there, it's been a while! We got all moved down to Nashville about a week ago and still have some boxes to clear out and whatnot. But it's coming along! We've been very, very busy to say the least (: Now I'd like to introduce you to an exceptional girl named Dova.

Shirt: H&M
Leggings: Heartbreaker

To say we were thrilled that someone had contacted us about being featured on our blog would be an understatement. She posted a comment on one of our previous blogposts. Up to that point we didn't realize that anyone actually paid attention to our little side hobby. So don't be shy, people! Post comments (:

Shirt: H&M - Leggings: Heartbreaker - Shoes: Payless
In our first blog post, we mentioned that we'd love to capture friends behind the lens because frankly, we will eventually run out of outfits to photograph. As one of our first guests on Chasing Lovely, Dova has a style all her own.

Dova (left) Shirt: H&M - Leggings: Heartbreaker
Chloe (right) Dress: Forever 21 - Glasses: LensCrafters
Dova has prints down to a T. When wearing patterns, RARELY is it a good idea to mix and match stripes with dots with paisley. You'll end up looking like a pattern machine blew up and spit you out. Miss Dova paired her colorful top with black pants to achieve a look that is fun, but not overdone. 

Dova (left) Shirt: H&M - Leggings: Heartbreaker - Shoes: Payless
Chloe (right) Dress: Forever 21 - Glasses: LensCrafters - Shoes: Micheal Kors

Outfit aside, Dova proves that a great smile never goes outta style (: Fashion is all about confidence, sticking to your gut, and never apologizing for it. 

Hope all y'alls summers are going fantabulously!


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