Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Can you say STRIPES?

Shirt: Anthropologie - Shorts: American Eagle

I love taking photos. So naturally when the weather became *lovely*, I invited the family out for a photo shoot. My instructions were simple: wear something cute. Little did I know we would all end up choosing to wear one of the biggest trends this season: stripes.

WARNING: Stripes can be extremely dangerous to wear. No, they are not going to eat your face off, but if worn incorrectly you can add a good 15-20 lbs to yourself.
I like to call this my sailor outfit. I don't recall if Taylor mentioned the fact that we name some of our outfits, but it is indeed a true fact. 

Shirt: Anthropologie - Shorts: American Eagle - Shoes: Keds
Anyways, when wearing stripes, I would highly recommend not adding any other patterns. This means solid colors only. Also, given the fact that this is not a fitted shirt, I paired it with shorts to emphasize that my body is not shaped like a box. 

Shirt: Anthropologie - Jeggings: Target (clearance: $6)
Alternating the direction in which the stripes are placed is another way to safely wear this trendy pattern. 

Shirt: J. Crew - Skirt: J. Crew - Belt: Target - Shoes: DSW
Pairing stripes with a skirt AND belt is a surefire way to create an outfit that has SHAPE. For the record, there are sequins on the shoulders of this shirt which give it a little extra flare. Props to whoever did the GRAFFITI MUSHROOM!

Shirt: J. Crew
I love taking pictures with colorful backgrounds. Take this graffiti for instance. If you're looking for a pop of color in a photograph...

Shirt: Anthropologie
Why is Minnesota a great place to take pictures? Because our summers are beautiful, and we have a winter to trump all winters. BAM.

We found some pretty cool sidewalk art along the way that we thought we'd share with y'all. Stencil graffiti. Chalk drawn on a person. Oh yeah.

We're moving down to Nashville in a few days, so get ready for a new location in our pictures!

Love always,

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