Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Me & My Cat

Oh haaay!
No, the title of this blogpost is not a typo. I had a few pictures of an outfit that I wanted to upload, but there weren't enough to make a full post. So...I figured this would be the perfect time to introduce you to my cat.

This is my cat. Sam. Fat Sam. 

He's kind of a weirdo...

He has rabbit feet. Or at least that's what Chloe and I call them...

He is very fat. Extremely lazy...

...but always cute (:

Dress: Forever 21
Lips- NatureLuxe by CoverGirl Gloss Balm in Tulip
As you can see, Sam likes to make surprise appearances in as many pictures as he can. The dress I'm wearing is one that Chloe picked out at Forever 21. While I wouldn't say I frequent Forever 21, they're a great place to find cute dresses for a reasonable price.  I've gotten compliments from strangers when I wear this out on the town. I should've taken a picture of the back because there's a pretty cut-out that really makes it unique.

Dress: Forever 21

This lovely hairstyle was made possible by Chloe, my DIY hairstylist ;) Lately, she has been OBSESSED with a website called and copied this hairstyle to complete my look! 
Take note: It's a little tricky. This 'do is probably impossible if attempted on one's own, and with the help of someone else who is doing it for the first time, it may take a while. Works best with thick hair to achieve that loose, rope-y look. 

Feel free to post questions/comments! 


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