Monday, May 14, 2012

Dinner Diaries: Penne with spring vegetables

Alright, Lovelies...
When trying out so many different dishes, you're bound to run into one that lacks, well...flavor. This dish was one of them. 

I was so excited to try this one because most dishes that have wine incorporated into the sauce are super flavorful and yummy. It also had other favorites of mine: asparagus, spinach, peas, green onions...

I never dreamed that we'd run into a flavor problem with a sauce that consisted of heavy whipping cream, butter, and wine, but I guess I know better now :P

But the pictures are pretty so I thought I'd share them with you and send out a WARNING: DO NOT EAT THIS post, to save you from a blahhh dinner. Always thinking of you :)

Chloe chopping the spinach


Tossing the spinach

Adding green onions

Steaming the asparagus

Adding asparagus to sauce

Looks good, but don't be fooled :P

What we changed from the original recipe:

-Didn't add peas (sad face) because we didn't have any. Still need to go to the store and get some.
-Used spaghetti instead of penne pasta
-Didn't use fresh basil. Used the shake-y kind.


Chloe: "It didn't have any flavor. It was really runny and I wasn't a fan."

Kat: "No flavor. Don't make this again."

Taylor: "" 

So you get the idea. This dish was just plain blahhh. And personally, I don't want to waste calories on heavy cream, butter and wine that doesn't even have taste. 

But GOOD NEWS: we are going to do a Whiskey Burgers post (they were delicious!) so keep your eyes peeled for that ;)

As for this dish, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. haha :)

Stay lovely!


p.s.- Williams Sonoma, I expect better from you!! Seriously.

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