Friday, June 29, 2012

Let Me See Yo TEETH!

I'm on a beauty roll here. I go in, food, beauty. Whatever I happen to be obsessing over at the moment.

Today I'm going to be talking about TEETH. Weird? Maybe...but do you expect any less from me? ;) Haha

Dental health is important, and too often overlooked. I implore you to take a moment and read on, and encourage you to pick up some good habits along the way:

1) FLOSS. I can hear the groans at the mere mention of it. You go into the dentist for that dreaded check-up, and they ask, "So, how often do you floss?" You tense up, avoiding eye contact, and mutter, "Oh...y' 4 or 5 times a week." LIAR!!! We've all done it. But there's a reason dentists get on your back for this.

I am proud to say that I floss every day, with the occasional slip-up if I'm traveling and forget to pack it. However, this wasn't always the case. It wasn't until I discovered floss picks that my habits improved. They're so much less-gross than your traditional floss.

Haven't convinced you yet? Try Google-ing "flossing live longer." There are several claims out there that flossing can add years to your life...something about making your arteries younger and keeping your immune system young by removing that bacteria. If you're thinking THAT'S DISGUSTING! then think about this: if you don't floss, all that nastiness is stuck IN YO MOUTH! Now that's just plain gross.

2) Brush properly. Slow, steady, and thorough win the race. Fast and vigorous DO NOT. If you brush too hard, you're permanently wearing precious enamel off your teeth. You can't get lost enamel back. Enamel protects your teeth, and people who have significant enamel loss have extremely sensitive teeth. You can see how much enamel you have on your teeth by looking closely in the mirror and noticing how "see through" your teeth appear. Shining a light behind your teeth can help magnify this. 

So make sure your teeth are nice and clean, but take your time and be gentle. 

***I'll spare you the pictures of worn enamel if you promise to heed my advice ;)

3) A whiter smile DOES make all the difference! And you don't have to break the bank by paying for crazy treatments. I swear by Crest Whitestrips. They have different levels to match your teeth, time frame and budget. Seriously, they are worth investing in. You only have to do them once a year, and you can conveniently pick them up at stores like Target. It's super easy to find coupons for them, too!

*But...if you're one of those people who hates GETTING COMPLIMENTS on your teeth, this may not be for you ;)

4) There's a Dentyne slogan out there, "Practice safe breath." I think "Practice fresh breath" makes more sense, but it's the principle that counts. So...

-use mouthwash!

All in that order, folks. Swish vigorously for a good 30 seconds to get that nice, clean Ahhhhhh feeling. The people you run into everyday will thank you for it :)

I just get the cheap store brand. It's mouthwash don't need to rinse your mouth with diamonds!

I buy the up & up brand in the orange flavor

5) Lastly, mind your breath throughout the day. Mints and gum should do the trick. I'm a fan of Dentyne Pure and Dentyne Ice. Store them in convenient spots like a jean pocket or purse. 

**Note: If you consume garlic at a meal, it's likely you'll need to refresh and get an extra brush in during the day. Especially if you have pesto sauce for lunch or something...the stuff tastes good, but it reeks!

And finally, don't skip out on your dental appointments. It's only a couple times a year--I think you can handle it ;)

Please post any thoughts and questions you have by leaving a comment below!

Stay lovely!


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