Tuesday, May 14, 2013

In The Jungle, The Mighty Jungle

"A modern woman is not necessarily someone who buys expensive stuff...a modern woman is someone who buys intelligently." - Prabal Gurung

Top: Prabal Gurung for Target - Black skinny jeggings: American Eagle Outfitters - Shoes: Prabal Gurung for Target

It's been a hectic week of moving, but luckily we were able to snap a few pics before we left! Going to miss that place. It had a nice little landscape for blog shoots. Oh, I'm getting too sentimental...Onward!

For those who read my Prabal x Target blog post back in January, as promised, here is the first follow-up! 

Being the complete fashion-nerd that I am, and determined not to miss out on the collection's debut, I set an alarm "event" on my phone to remind me the day it hit stores. 

This outfit features two pieces from the collection: the multi-color print top and black cage heels.

Lip color: Covergirl Lip Perfection in "Eternal"

After seeing the vibrant patterns in person, I tweeted Prabal Gurung and told him if he put the print on an iPhone case, I would totally buy it. There's a whole market he's missing out on! ;)

The best pant to pair with a shirt that's flow-y like this one is skinny jeggings. It balances the visual proportions and means I don't have to wear a belt! Which I love. Because sometimes belts make my stomach hurt. So I'm all about a loose-fitted shirt!

Did I mention how much I love this pattern? I'm totally a pattern girl. It is the rare occasion that you will find me in something plain or simple. What I love about this print are the tropical colors (and the fact that it matches my nail polish...unplanned and totally amazing). Makes me want to take a vacation!

I would categorize this look as "comfy dressy." Which is the most amazing category that exists out there. Those who know me know I feel most like myself when I'm dressed up. This outfit could be worn to work (if the workplace is casual enough to allow shoulders showing) and is fun enough to wear out to lunch with the girls. It has that perfect balance of polish, energy and sophistication. LOVE <3

And can we talk about THESE SHOES?!!! They are so fabulous I can barely handle it! 

Dear Target + Prabal Gurung
Thank you for making fabulosity affordable. 

When I originally saw these kicks online they didn't catch my attention, but the minute I laid eyes on them in the store I was mesmerized. Yes, it was a classic "girl moment." But what I love most is how interesting they are, yet versatile because of the color. I'm a huge proponent of only buying things you think you're going to get a lot of wear out of. There's nothing worse than having something sit in your closet and feeling regret bubble in the pit of your stomach.

I wanted to include a back shot so you could get the full vibrancy effect. Plus, this shirt is bib-shaped at the bottom, which means technically you could wear leggings without pockets because it covers your bum! ;)

Did any of you lovelies check out the Prabal x Target line? Purchase a piece? If you did, tweet us a pic of you in it and we'll feature it in our next Prabal x Target post! @ChasingLovely


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