Sunday, September 29, 2013

5 Ways to Wear the Denim Vest

As the summer lingers and fall quickly approaches, we're left to squirm a bit uncomfortably in a rather awkward seasonal changeover. Bright, sun-kissed summer shorts are out, but it's still slightly too hot to pull out those rough-and-tumble combat what's a girl to do?

My solution: the denim vest. Now I know you're probably thinking: Really...? We're going back to the 90's? But let's be honest. The 90's were friggin' awesome, and I'm going to show you a few updated ways to style it. You can thank me later ;)

Denim vest: American Eagle Outfitters // Lace crochet dress: Urban Outfitters // Cowboy boots: RCC Western (a gift)

Denim vests and dresses go together like peanut butter and jelly. Or popcorn and orange juice...because I happen to like that combo better (seriously, if you've never sipped a big glass of OJ while munching on a batch of perfectly salted popcorn, you're missing out).

You really can't go wrong pairing denim with a white dress. I love the texture of my lace crochet dress against the vest. It keeps the cream color from looking too "plain Jane". The cowboy boots were a natural (maybe cliché) pairing, but either way I think I'd pair it with some sort of boot.


Denim vest: American Eagle Outfitters // Tank top: Target (Mossimo) // Tribal mini skirt: American Eagle Outfitters
Chuck Taylor sneakers: DSW // Black patent leather wristlet: Coach (a gift)

Living in Nashville, our fall doesn't start 'til around October...and that's if we're lucky. So if you're living in a warmer climate, pair your vest with a cute mini. I love this muted-tribal print one I got on clearance at American Eagle (end-of-summer-sales, anyone?). To finish it off, I threw on a wife beater and chucks to keep the look from being too "busy".


Denim vest: American Eagle Oufitters // White T-shirt: Aerie // Black jeggings: American Eagle Outfitters
Wedge sneakers: American Eagle Outfitters // Black patent leather wristlet: Coach (a gift)

Not in the mood to wear a skirt? No problem! The great thing about the denim vest is you can dress it up or down, girly or edgy...the possibilities are endless. For this third look I took a more urban approach, warming it up with a t-shirt and black jeggings. To top it off, I threw on a pair of wedge sneakers to give it some edge.


Denim vest: American Eagle Outfitters // Butterfly tank: American Eagle Outfitters // Red print skirt: Aerie
Cowboy boots: RCC Western (a gift)

Calling all country girls! This one's for you. Chloe and I are always looking for an excuse to wear our cowboy boots (cute and comfortable...what more could you ask for?!), so we swapped out the black for a bright pop of color, belted the skirt to match the brown in the boots, and threw on a printed butterfly tank to tie it all together.

Wah-lah! You're welcome.


Denim vest: American Eagle Oufitters // Panda tank: Urban Outfitters // Maxi skirt: Aerie

For this fifth (and final) look, I styled the vest with a grey maxi skirt. I found yet another tank top (hooray pandas!) to keep things interesting and show you that you don't always have to stick with plain white. While you can't fully see the panda's face with the vest on, I liked how the tank had a half-circle draping at the bottom. 

Denim vest - American Eagle Outfitters

Lace crochet dress - Urban Outfitters (not exact match, but similar)

Cowboy boots - RCC Western

White tank top - Target

Chuck Taylor sneakers - DSW

Black jeggings - American Eagle Outfitters

Wedge sneakers - American Eagle Outfitters

Got other ideas for ways to style the denim vest? Tweet us your pics or tag us on Instagram @ChasingLovely :)

What I'm listening to: Passenger – Let Her Go


Photos taken by Chloe with an Olympus PEN camera

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