Thursday, September 5, 2013

Back-to-School Style: Laura Coleman

While on the road touring, the Coleman's were one of the gracious families who hosted the Chasing Lovely team while we were in the Midwest. I've known Laura's sister, Stephanie, since middle school, and this summer I was able to get to know her younger sister on a whole new level... and I am so thankful I did!

Black leather vest: H&M - Tribal dress: American Eagle Outfitters

Throughout our stay, we spent hours chatting about everything. We got along so well since we're both complete weirdos and have the same sense of humor. We laughed together, cried together, danced like fools together... I had no clue such deep friendships could form in that short amount of time.

Late nights consisted of Redbox-ing the scariest horror movies we could find, which made it impossible to sleep, so we followed them up with a classic Ryan Gosling/Channing Tatum flick. We also bonded over our love of the MTV hit series Teen Wolf. Derek and Stiles, anyone? ;)

Combat boots: Famous Footwear

Not only is Laura hilarious and fun, this gorgeous girl has got STYLE. We had a blast picking out back-to-school outfits together, even if it looked like a hurricane of clothes swept through her room (we cleaned up after ourselves, I swear!). 

Denim top: American Eagle Outfitters - Floral Dress: Aerie

It seemed only appropriate to conduct her interview in the best way we know how: sprawled out on a couch together with a plate of piping hot chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the oven ;)

Describe your style: 
I often go for the girly-dressy look. But sometimes I'll go for casual-tomboy. It really depends on my mood.

Shoes: Famous Footwear

Favorite stores: 

Dynamite (Canadian Store)
Urban Outfitters
Forever 21

Gosh, I feel like such a teenage girl! Haha :)

Trend you're most excited for this fall season:
Leggings! Honestly, I just wanna be able to curl my hair and wear my leather jacket..

Who are your style icons?
 Eleanor Calder
Danielle Peazer
Alison Argent (from Teen Wolf)
Pretty Little Liars

Army green top: American Eagle Outfitters - Skinny jeans: Winners

Where are your favorite places to go in Minnesota?
Common Roots Cafe because it's organic and indie and really cool (; 
MN Institute of Arts 
Lake Harriet Rose Garden

What do you get excited to do in the summer? 
I can usually go up to Canada and I like that, and I liked this summer cos I got to spend it with the CL girls! I also like to travel in the summer.

Who's on your playlist right now? 
Neil Young
 Sheryl Crow
The Lumineers
Elton John
City and Color
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Walk Off The Earth
Chasing Lovely
The Shins
Katie Costello
Pink Floyd
Rolling Stones

K, we're good. ;)

Cream tank top: American Eagle Outfitters

Most attractive feature on the opposite sex: 
Let me just look at a picture of Derek (from Teen Wolf) real quick. Umm...dimples. And eyes. And if they smell good!

So I'm assuming your favorite TV show is...?
Laura: Sherlock.

Chloe and Taylor burst out in hysterical laughter.

Chloe: That was fast.
Taylor: After all that, it's not Teen Wolf?! 

What are you looking forward to most this fall? 
Hockey Season! Halloween and pumpkin smells and spices and trees changing color. I'm excited for chai teas! Halloween is my favorite holiday. PUMPKINS!

Secret talent: 
I'm a very good foot massager...

Coolest places you've ever traveled:
Paris or Vancouver. Paris's just paris. And I'm canadian, and there's mountains and it's beautiful and I love the Vancouver Cannucks!!

White peplum top: Topshop - Blue shorts: Urban Outfitters - Black flats: Famous Footwear

Spirit animal:
Wolf. (No hesitation at all) I've got this figured out, guys (;

Greatest fear: 
1. a grill. I could never work one. It would burn your forearms! How are you supposed to lift the lid?! There's, like, a fire breathing demon in there! 
2. End of the world movies... 
3. and if someone touches my bellybutton. Like, no.

So tell us about this Harry Potter obsession...
*sits forward and folds hands in excitement*
I can't even start with this! I have an action figure collection if that counts for anything. I read all the books. Multiple times. I have all the movies of course...and posters, a wand, the Time Turner, Marauders Map, Harry Potter pins, and scarves. 

So who's your favorite character? Or...creature? 
Character: Luna Lovegood or Dean Thomas (cuz let's be real here..!) 
Creature: Not Nargles cos those are terrifying! But Buckbeak...I mean, HELLO... if I were a hippogriff, he would be my love. Oh, and I can't forget Norbert!

Do you have a favorite rom-com?
Laura: Is "School of Rock" a rom-com? (silence...) Don't judge me guys! Why are you laughing?!?!
Taylor: is there a love story in there? 
Laura: Wait, is that what a rom-com is? I'm gonna fix this guys, I'll be back!! Hold on.

Exits room. We wait a minute. Laura returns.

Laura: The Holiday.

On Chloe // Denim vest: American Eagle Outfitters - Red skirt: Aerie - White tank: Target (Mossimo Supply Co.) - Sparkle sandals: Target (Xhilaration) - Belt: American Eagle Outfitters

Pet Peeves: 
When people mix up "a" with "an" or vice versa. They'll say, "A elephant" and I'm like, "No, AN elephant!! AN elephant!!"

If you had to choose your last meal on Earth, what would it be? 
Potatoes. Don't judge. They're freaking amazing. I'm Irish, so...mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes...baked potatoes...I like potatoes. Haha.

Back-to-school fashion advice for students: 
Don't wear Aeropostale. Haha. Honestly, just be yourself...but don't do anything too wickwack!

What trends are you rocking this season? Tweet or Instagram us your favorite back-to-school looks! Be sure to tag us @ChasingLovely :)

What I'm listening to: Billy Currington – Hey Girl

All my love,
Chlo Chlo

Photos shot by Chloe with an Olympus PEN camera

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