Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ready to Emma-tate?

I've always been a fan of Emma Watson. She's great in the Potter films, and has grown into quite the fashion icon. A couple years ago I Emma-tated her shoulder-length hair, and I wish I could say I'm daring enough to try the pixie cut (though, you have to have a certain face shape to pull that off...and frankly, I don't think I make the cut!). So here's my little treat: a few lovely photographs and a treasure trove of style inspiration.

Probably my favorite photo of Emma. The color of her sweater against the robin egg blue background is perfection.

I've always thought this was a cool candid shot. It looks like she's putting on makeup or something. I really like the layers in her hair (:

Hollywood glam. Red lips and all.

Teen Vogue
Lips: L'Oreal Hip Jelly Balm in "Luscious"
I'm obsessed with this outfit. The jewel tones...the puffed out skirt...the ribbon. I somehow received 3 copies of this issue of Teen Vogue. It must have been fate.

I love that this dress it yellow. It's not your typical black, brown, gray, red. Yellow used to be my favorite color. Now it's green. But I still love this dress.

Pretty lace detailing.

Fog on the lake...stunning purple dress...and a hint of dishevelment. Is that even a word? I don't care. It describes this pic perfectly.

I thought this was adorable. 

If "fierce" had a image definition, this would be it.

This photo reminds me of Paris. For some reason. I don't know why.

Some more lovely dishevelment. If that's not a word, I think I should make it one ;)

Fun fact: when I was little, I wanted to play the harp. I thought it was so romantic; like an angel. 

For some reason the word "smolder" came to mind when I saw this pic. Must be the smoky eyeshadow. 

This is so cute. The wheel barrow...the old-fashioned feel. It's like a countryside fairytale.

The blue in her outfit reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. And the books don't hurt, either.

Teen Vogue
Again, LOVE this outfit. The tights give it an edgy punk-rock vibe. And those Burberry boots are TO DIE FOR. I intend on owning a pair of those someday. You know they say "someday" is another word for "never"... *sigh*

Is this red velvet jacket not completely and utterly GORGEOUS? I think so. Another item on the wish list.

I thought these shorts looked unique and cute.

This would be one of those times where I'd ask, "Guuurl, where did you get THOSE SHOES?!!"

I think she's ready to rock out now (:
An awesome series of pictures. Love the pastel. Because I always love pastel.

I made my dad buy this edition of Elle while we were visiting London. I read it cover to cover. Don't look so surprised!

Eye makeup = so freakin' awesome.

I saw Emma's Burberry campaign for the first time while in London. It was plastered on a building in Knightsbridge. Love the smoldering eye makeup. Her haircut= TDF!

Emma must have been a rocker in a past life.

Love this old-style eye makeup. The hair and winged liner remind me a little of Twiggy.

Had to include this. Because of the lips.

Lace and flower embroidery at the bottom? Right on!

It looks like shimmery glittery gold is spilling down this dress. In other words, HOLY FRICKIN' AMAZINGNESS!

Gotta love a girl who can pull off the temporary tattoo look, and feel completely cool doing it (:

You know how they always talk about achieving that "I just threw this on, easy-breezy, cool" look? Well, it can be done. And here's the proof. I think Chloe should Emma-tate this since it complies with her dress code!

This picture captures the essence of being young, wild, and free. Now is the time to conquer the world, kids.

Haha, Chloe could wear this outfit to school, too! 

What a lovely picture. Whoever the photographer was did a beautiful job!

The girl can rock. Yeah, I just quoted Hil Duff. As in THE Hilary Duff. Haha, dork moment. Just ignore me right now.

Emma took trench coat to a whole new level. 

People Tree
Free-spirited rebellion. 

Clean, classy, fresh. Workin' that pixie cut.

If you're headed to a music festival, channel Emma's look above. The belt is a fabulous touch.

I don't think I can praise Emma's smoky eye look enough. She wears it well!

After chopping her hair off, it seems Ms. Watson has morphed into an artsy hipster. Kudos for daring to go menswear!

Who can wear messy mascara and pull it off?

Emma can.

Wonderfully wavy hair.

If you have the gift of being able to wear bangs, here's some great inspiration. Unfortunately, I am not one of those people, thanks to my dad, who passed the "cowlick" down to both Chloe and I.

Emma, like my sister, has great eyebrows. So girls (and guys!), if you are lucky enough to have thick, full, gorgeous eyebrows, please don't tweeze them down to skinny little nothings!

This last picture is dedicated to Chloe...because I know how much she loves porcelain dolls ;)

Ready to Emma-tate?



  1. I may not be able to pull off the cute outfits yet, but this cousin for sure has the cute cropped pixie cut Emma rocks! (I was rockin' it first though. lol) I love her style, too!!

  2. Hey Kierstien!
    I admire anyone who's daring enough to 'do the pixie ;) It's so chic, and really makes a person stand out in a crowd! Wish I could say I had the guts to do it...but whenever my haircut's higher than my shoulders I look sort of silly. I'm crossing my fingers that this will change as I get older (:

    Thanks so much for the comment! And keep rockin' your fabulous style.

  3. Love all the pictures! Stunning Emma :) Thx for sharing.

  4. Hi! Im from the Phils. Love the photos you brought together :)) followed you via GFC. hope you can check out my blog too.


    1. Hey Kai!

      Thanks! I've come across a lot of cool photos of her in magazines, so I thought I'd pull them all together :) Thanks for the follow!
      Though I'm often very busy (a lot of times too busy to even post on my own blog) I got around to checking out your blog--love the layout! I'm not super tech-savvy when it comes to cool banners and embedding buttons, but it looks like you've got that all down to an art :)

      Have a great day!