Saturday, September 3, 2011

Dare to DENIM

We own a denim shirt. That's right, ladies and gents. Chloe saw it at Anthropologie on the sale rack last summer, and we surprised her later and gifted it as a birthday present. So, as she continues to weasel her way through the obstacles of her dress code, I decided to figure out exactly HOW MANY DIFFERENT WAYS one can rock the denim shirt ;)

Here we have Vanessa Hudgens, who paired hers with a pair of black shorts and a leather fringe purse. The earrings and boho wavy hair are a nice touch.

This is a more extreme example of what can be done with denim. I wouldn't necessarily wear this out on the town, but it illustrates denim's best pairing color: black.

One way to up the ante is by accessorizing. I used to be one of those people who hated wearing jewelry, but if you're gonna pull your hair up in a pony like Miley, you gotta make up for it elsewhere.

This is possibly one of the best ways I've seen denim done. Or maybe I'm just obsessed with Miley's shoes?! But I like how she retains shape and doesn't look all boxy. Because denim is susceptible to that.

Alright, so Miley's had a lot of practice with the denim shirt. No wonder she's so good at it.

If you want to go more casual, keep it loose and add some lace-up boots.

Another way to work a dress in there. I wasn't kidding about the black!

Spencer (Troian Bellisario) wears it in a beautifully western way. Tuck it in, add a belt, and throw on your boots! You can find this exact denim shirt at

If you feel like a denim shirt is "too plain" on its own, unbutton it and wear a romper underneath like Jessica. It gives it a fun, playful vibe. 

You can't tell me she doesn't look cool. I don't think you can go wrong tucking in a denim shirt. So classy. Add some shades and you're ready to go!

J.Crew says you can wear denim with sparkles...intriguing! 

Guys, believe it or not, you can pull of the denim shirt, too. Take notes from Mr. Beckham. You don't hear the ladies complaining...

And if you still don't believe me... ;)

So, my little lovelies, go out into the world and dare to be cute. DARE TO DENIM.


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