Sunday, September 11, 2011

Food is YUM.

I think we can all agree on one thing: Food is YUM.

Monkey Bread: A delicious breakfast delicacy that makes a rare (but highly anticipated) appearance in our home. Our mom makes it when our brothers, Dato and George, come to visit. A very special time indeed. Wanna snag some leftovers? I wouldn't count on it ;) First come, first serve!

It's like a gooey cinnamon roll...but oh, SO MUCH BETTER!

The inside pieces are my favorite...they're soft and melt in your mouth. Chloe graciously takes my crispier, outside ones (:

It's more "fair" to slice and portion equally, but I like to hand-pick the most scrumptious looking pieces...when no ones watching ;)

Australian Battered Potatoes

Since we no longer live in Minnesota, we couldn't make it to the infamous Minnesota State Fair. Sad face :( We were dying to get our hands on their Australian battered potatoes (located near the "All You Can Drink Milk Booth"). Our mom became obsessive about it (which = good for us!), and tracked down the recipe!!

Good and greasy. Nom nom nom (:

Not quite sure it's a good thing that we know how to make them now. Just...too...tempting...

I like them with ketchup. Mom likes them with ranch and cheese sauce. WARNING: Do not eat too many of these. I know they're hard to resist, but you will regret it. PUT DOWN THE POTATO!

Vodka Cream Pasta

This is one of our absolute favorites. It's a nice change from your standard pasta with marinara sauce. Our mom has this one perfected ;)

I highly recommend topping your pasta with some grilled chicken that's been seasoned with rosemary. It's SOOO nummy (:

Make this dish with penne or bow-tie noodles. It soaks up the sauce better.

I'm loving these veggie-enhanced noodles that I recently discovered. It's either that or whole grain noodles. Plain noodles seem a tad bit gummy to me. Haha. 


Alright, you might be thinking, why the heck are they featuring carrots? It's simple: they're freakin' delicious. 

Coined carrots are the BEST. Coin 'em, steam 'em, lightly butter 'em, and sprinkle on a little salt and pepper. It's like veggie candy!

Chloe and I steam our veggies in a Cuisinart rice cooker (a little baby one...isn't it cute?). It's the perfect size, and they're done in no time (:

My mom's reaction as I began snapping photos: "Ummm...why are you taking pictures of your carrots?!" I'm weird. Don't judge.

1. Rinse carrots
2. Take a peeler to your carrots
3. Coin carrots in a carrot-coiner-machine-thingy (much easier than doing it by hand)
4. Steam carrots
5. Let them melt in your mouth (:

Knorr Pasta Sides: Parmesan

Don't make fun of me. I'm gonna be straight up and tell you that cooking is not my calling. So for all of you who are in the same boat (who don't want to "make" cereal again for dinner), let me introduce you to something that's almost as quick, and equally easy.

I won't bother with the "how" of making it, because it's something like boil, add milk, stir. Not too difficult, right? It should take you only about 10 minutes to make. I like to add peas to give it a little more flavor. And WAHLAH! Dinner.

**Note: Great for busy people who are constantly on-the-go.

Eat up!


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