Monday, October 24, 2011

Crema + Kalamata's + Grimey's...OH MY!

Last week, I had "fall break," which meant I didn't have school Monday or Tuesday. So, I spent my last day off sipping a Baccanerra Mocha at Crema, followed by dinner at Kalamata's and a trip to Grimey's. 

This was Chloe's first Crema experience. She looks pretty happy (:

One thing I love about the independent coffee shops in Nashville is that they draw little designs in your drink ;) 

Dad got a Cuban. I had a sip...nommm :D

Edible art.

Crema. Nashville, TN.

Dad driving his "Inception" car.

If you know Chloe, you've seen this face before.

Messing around with the camera. Documenting my adventures whilst riding in the back seat. 

"My steeple's bigger than your steeple!"

Little rain droplets on the window...will never get old.

Dinner at Kalamata's. Chloe being weird. Typs.

Grimey's = music heaven <3

The Civil Wars album (Barton Hollow) was SOLD OUT at Grimey's!!! But Chloe, with her keen eyes, was able to find the last copy of their EP (Poison & Wine) wedged between the CDs--a little hidden treasure ;)

They were the only sold out CD on Grimey's "Best Sellers" shelf (: I heard they have the CD back in stock now...WHOOP! So go get a copy.

Since we're so close to Grimey' will be hard to resist going in there and spending HOURS just shuffling through the collections. BUT's magical.



  1. Thanks for stopping in. Nice photos, you should add them to the CREMA group Cheers, Ben from CREMA

  2. Awesome! Thanks for stopping by Grimey's! We have since gotten the Civil Wars CD back in stock...hooray! Crema coffee is delicious! Hope to see you soon!

  3. Ben-
    CREMA is one of my favorite hangouts in Nashville! I added the photos to the CREMA group...just waiting for them to be 'approved' (:

    Yay for the Civil Wars! I'm enjoying their EP I bought from you guys. Grimey's has a unique collection. Stay awesome (: