Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Floppy Hat

Since it's that Coachella time of year, I thought it would be perfect to do a post on a festival staple: the floppy hat.

Chloe (left) Shirt: White House Black Market - Skirt: J. Crew
Taylor (right) Black hat: American Eagle Outfitters - Butterfly tank: American Eagle Outfitters
Belt: Francesca's Collection - Pants: Free People

I wanted a floppy hat for a really long time. So when I found one at an American Eagle store for $8 bucks, I gave in. As a college student, that's one price I think I can handle ;)

Mandolin: Fender (Guitar Center) Guitar: Martin XC1T Ellipse [acoustic-electric]

My take on the floppy [black] hat.

If your floppy hat is black, that makes it immediately versatile. I still like to look up different ways it can be worn. I found this combination in an e-mail I received from Free People. Love! (:

Some of you may have seen this Free People ad. I love the simplicity of it--and those shoes!!

Lily Collins (left) and Emma Watson

Love this effortless combo! The cardigan, dress, and hat give this look a fresh vibe.

The floppy hat goes preppy. This was too adorable not to include.

Vanessa Hudgens

You can also take the more hippie/flower child spin on it with a crop top, flow-y pants, and retro shades.

So whether you're sporting your floppy hat to shield your face from the sun, or just trying to save yourself from a bad hair day, the floppy hat is a fun and comfy statement piece that will have you standing out in a crowd (unless you're surrounded by hipsters at a music festival...then maybe not so much)--haha.

Stay lovely!


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