Sunday, October 14, 2012

Socks for Christmas

Flannel shirt: J. Crew (sale) - Skirt: J. Crew (sale) - Belt: Urban Outfitters (sale) - Over the knee socks: Target
Shoes: Payless Shoesource

I know some people hate it, but I wouldn't mind if I got socks for Christmas. I love socks. They are comfy and cozy and warm and wonderful. New socks means you get to replace your old, stiff, starchy ones. And no one likes starchy socks.

My absolute favorite kind of socks are over-the-knee socks because they allow you to transition smoothly into fall. I am an avid skirt-n-dress wearer, and as the weather gets chillier, you don't have to sacrifice your legs for a cute outfit. Tights are one solution, but sometimes they just don't look right with an outfit.

So far, my favorite shoes to wear with over-the-knee socks are oxfords. Heeled or flat, either work. Unfortunately, I don't own flat brown oxfords so I have no choice but to go with the heels. But you all know how much I love my clob hobbers! ;)

Chloe and I are flannel-holics, and I'm pretty sure we got this one from the Men's section at J.Crew. Mostly because they tend to have cuter flannels than the Women's section does. We've had the skirt and flannel for while, but I never thought to put them together until recently. Yay for discovering new outfit combos!

This skirt is a wee bit too big on me, but no worries! That's what belts are for :) We got this skirt on sale, and I loved the tweed-ish material and the colored speckle detail. That, plus the fact that it was one sale definitely overruled the sizing issue.

Glasses: Ray-Ban (LensCrafters)

During the shoot, Chloe lent me her glasses for a couple of the pics. So if any of you out there are lens-wearers, an outfit like this could go great with glasses B-) Tortoise colored frames probably work best!

Without glasses works, too. Just depends on your mood! :)

Hope everyone his having a happy fall!

Photos shot by Chloe with an Olympus PEN camera


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  1. You look so wonderful, I love this look,
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