Tuesday, October 9, 2012

You Can Take the Girl out of Minnesota, but You Can't Take Minnesota out of the Girl

Life has been pretty busy around here lately, what with our CD close to being finished. Midterms are here as well, so that's a fun addition on the school workload plate ;) But I've been determined to keep up with this blog, as it is a fun creative outlet that helps me wind down after a long day.

Hat: Calvin Klein outlet, $10 - Sweater: J.Crew outlet - Black jeans: American Eagle Outfitters - Boots: Steve Madden
Messenger bag: Rugby

I've been working teaching myself how to put photos side by side using Gimp. I may have mentioned before, but if anyone knows how to use Gimp and wants to let me in on editing secrets, please, message me! Or if you know of great, helpful, engaging Gimp tutorials on YouTube, leave the link in a comment and I will thank you with virtual hugs (in the form of smiley emoticons). 


This outfit makes me feel like I'm about to go traveling somewhere. That's what I love about fashion...it can transform your mood and ignite your imagination.

Yay for little grey boots I got on sale! I honestly can't remember the last time I bought something full price. I'm obsessed with round silver lace hooks. It's like I'm transported back to a time when clothes were meticulously crafted with attention to detail. Even though these are Steve Madden, and were probably put together by a machine. Let me have my moment. Haha.

About this hat. This weekend I was with the fam at Opry Mills outlet mall, and we walked into Calvin Klein. I didn't expect to get anything there since their fashions are more on the simplistic side, and often overpriced for such items. When we walked in the door, they had a sign that said if we texted them, they'd give us $5 off our purchase. So I found this fun little black hat on sale, and with the discount, got it for only $10! Which I felt was a pretty good deal, since it's versatile and I can get a lot of wear out of it...and it's great way to cover up bad hair days ;)

Rings: gifts - Nail polish: OPI (Little Red Wagon)

And here are my hands. People always told me if all else failed I could be a hand model because my fingers are so freakin' long and spindle-y. Which, would be a great idea, if I wasn't a writer who played guitar. Calluses are not pretty. I also apologize for the chipping nail polish. I never let it get this bad.

Oh, and have I mentioned how incredibly comfy this sweater is? Another item I raided from momsie's closet. It's like a magical wonderland of outfit options when my wardrobe is lacking ;) Shhh...don't tell!

I've had this messenger bag for about a year. I got it back when I started my freshman year to carry all my school supplies. I love the size, color, and macrame weaving--my only complaint is having to buckle and unbuckle the straps to open or close it. Lucky for me, it was on sale at Rugby when I ordered it!

If you have any questions or thoughts, please leave a comment below! I love hearing what's on your mind.

Have a lovely day!


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