Thursday, September 27, 2012

Striking Gold

I thought I'd start this post off with memorable things that have happened lately. Most memorable being: yesterday I met The Civil Wars. was more like they smiled at me, I smiled back, they signed my poster and CD. Which totally counts.

If any of you read my "Crema + Kalamata's + Grimey's...OH MY!" blog post, you know I am a big Civil Wars fan. As in, a while ago I went to Grimey's in search of their EP (I already had Barton Hollow, but I knew their EP had different songs on it). I really only consume music in the physical form because I love looking at the album art and reading all the stuff in fine print.

We dug through all the racks, and Chloe managed to find the last copy they had in stock. YAY CHLOE! However, last night she forgot to get it signed...luckily I remembered to get B.H. signed, otherwise that would've been a total fail.

We were one of the first 250 in line at their Gold Record Party at Grimey's, so we got an exclusive poster! Which was a pleasant surprise. The poster is gorgeous (pictured below). If you run your fingers over the drawing you can feel the lines and grooves. Which I thought was cool :)

The party was held behind Grimey's, and let me tell you...there were SO MANY PEOPLE THERE! Like, whoa. We were all squished in sardines-style, celebrating a special moment for an incredibly deserving duo :)

There we are. There they are. NBD.

If you don't know who The Civil Wars are, you are sorely missing out. They are incredibly superb songwriters with heavenly harmonies. I still have not seen them live, so that remains on the bucket list ;)

As if seeing them yesterday wasn't amazing enough, I came home from school today to find that The Civil Wars had re-tweeted two of our tweets! I'm not going to act like that didn't completely make my day, because it totally did. 

*This is the part where I awkwardly transition into the fashion portion of this blogpost*

Here be the outfit I wore today (no idea why I just said that like a pirate...)

Sweater: Aerie - Skirt: Len Druskin Outlet - Earrings: POSH

This is my amateur attempt at merging photos together using Gimp (because I don't know any other simpler program...if you do, please inform me. Or if you're a pro at Gimp, teach me?)

Lace-up oxford heels: Payless ShoeSource

You may have seen my lace-up oxford heels before, since I featured them in "Autumn Delights." They are my favorite shoes I've ever bought from Payless :) My mom calls them my "clod hopper" shoes. When she first said that, I thought she said "clob hobber" and burst out laughing. So now I call them my "clob hobbers" and I may or may not still laugh every time I say it.

I refer to this as my "cupcake skirt" because to me, that's what it looks like. I got it a couple years ago for $10 or $15 bucks. My kinda price! ;)

I loosely curled my hair for a softer, more wave-y look. It adds to that flouncy, girly element. It's also very possible that I decided to snooze my alarm this morning instead of do my hair...

The lovely skirt pretty! <3

And of course...the lipstick. This shade is one of my staples: CoverGirl LipPerfection in Eternal (350). I love wearing crazy bright colors. For me, makeup is like arts and crafts for your face. So no, your eyes did not deceive you if you've ever seen me out and about wearing purple lipstick...or rainbow eyeshadow ;)

If you have any thoughts or questions, feel free to leave a comment below! We always appreciate hearing what you have to say :)

Stay lovely!


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