Sunday, December 30, 2012

Go-to hair care: Suave Profesh

I get a lot of questions about my I curl it (see "Taylor Curly Hair Tutorial"), how I color it (see my "Going Red" blog post...also planning on doing a follow-up to that one), etc. But I realized that I've never done a post about the hair products I use! So that's what I'm doing today.

I am a BIG believer in saving money and cutting costs wherever they can be cut. I also believe in quality products and getting the most for your money. About a year ago, Chloe discovered Suave Professionals when she forgot to bring her own hair products to our cousin's house. Thus, she had to borrow our Aunt's shampoo and conditioner, which just happened to be Suave Professional's "Sleek" formula. 

Chloe raved about how soft their line of S&C made her hair. Impressed, I decided to try it myself....and it worked! My hair legitimately felt softer. 

Because I color my hair, I decided to buy their "Color Care" formula for myself, while Chloe stuck with the 'Sleek.' The color S&C didn't make my hair as soft...but hopefully it conserved the vibrancy of my red tresses more effectively ;)

Not long ago I was browsing around Target when I discovered Suave Professional's line of Keratin-infused color care products. They just happened to be on sale, so I decided I would try it out. I haven't used up all of my old conditioner, so I've only tried the Keratin Infusion shampoo...but so far it's made my hair soft and protects my fade-prone locks. 

Another one of my must-haves is Suave Professional's heat protect spray. I refuse to use hot tools on my hair unless I have it. I've tried other heat sprays, like Aussie (DO NOT USE, it smells awful and made my hair stiff) and Tresemme, but was never thrilled with either. Suave Professional's HPS leaves my hair soft and manageable (not crunchy), and it smells better than the others.

I also use Suave Professional's volumizing mousse if I'm going to blow dry my hair and wear it straight. I don't recommend using it if you're just going to air dry your hair because it will make it crunchy.

After blow drying my hair straight (or straightening it, which I generally don't do), I'll finish with Suave Professional's "Sleek Anti-Frizz Cream." Rub a pea-sized amount on your fingertips; disperse lightly and evenly through hair.

What I love most about Suave Professionals products is that I now have a go-to line of hair care products that not only work well, but fit in my budget. 

If you have any thoughts or questions, please leave a comment below. We love hearing from you :)

Stay lovely!


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