Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Black as Ebony, White as Snow

Dress: Urban Outfitters (on clearance) - Jacket: Target (on sale)

We've all had those days--you're standing in your closet, hands on your hips, meticulously surveying your clothes for the perfect outfit to wear. And if you're anything like us, you don't have an infinite number of pieces to choose from.
I feel like I just wore that, you think. Ugh.

It's a vicious cycle. But in this economy, who can afford to go on mindless shopping sprees? We need to be smart. We have to get  c r e a t i v e

I know what you're thinking: that's not the answer I wanted to hear! Sure, there are days I wish a magical fashion fairy would float down from the sky and pick an outfit out for me. But let's be real--when's the last time that happened?

Boots: Nine West (black friday sale)

Our mission is to help your through those 'struggle' days. Sometimes we're simply looking at our wardrobe the wrong way. We categorize our clothes into seasons, storing away the "summer" clothes when winter hits and vice versa.

Before I sat down to write this blog post, I wasn't sure what I wanted to write. It's been a while since Chloe's had time to snap pictures of herself. She's usually too exhausted when she gets home from school and just wants to scrub in sweats the rest of the day. This particular day she was off school, so I eagerly asked if she was up for a quick photo shoot. Obviously she said yes, so we began brainstorming outfit ideas. I like our posts to reflect our personal style, so I didn't want to get too involved in the selection process. 

"Taylor, what do you think about that outfit I wore the other night to the concert?" she piped up. "Y'know...the red dress/leather jacket combo?" I remembered immediately. 
"Yes! Perfect! Good thinking." I smiled. "Hurry up and put it on. We gotta get these pictures before the light's gone." 

Lipstick: Neutrogena (in "Poppy")

We finished the photos that afternoon, and the following evening began discussing the blog post in more depth. "I'm having trouble coming up with something to write about," I confessed as we were driving home. "Do you have any ideas? Like...what was going on in your head when you put the outfit together?" I asked. She thought for a moment.
"Well...that dress I's usually a summer dress. But I've been on this 'red lipstick' kick lately, so I wanted to create a look that went with that," she began, "that's when I thought, what if I put the faux leather jacket over the dress?"

I beamed. In that moment, I was nothing short of a very proud older sister. So style savvy! I thought. Pure genius.

Ring: a gift

Another thing I love about this look is the color scheme. Oftentimes the most important part of putting an outfit together is choosing hues that complement your hair and skin tone. While this may seem daunting to some, I assure you, it's not rocket science. I could go on a spiel about all the do's and don'ts, but I honestly don't buy that stuff. To me, it comes down to your gut reaction the minute you try something on. But be honest with yourself. Sometimes we're lured in by clearance prices and try to convince ourselves this doesn't look half bad on me.
But if there's one thing you take away from this blog post: do not settle for "not too shabby"! My #1 rule when shopping for clothes is to only buy it if you absolutely love it.

Think about it: if every piece you buy is something you absolutely love, you'll have a closet full of clothes you adore. Don't clutter your closet with things you're never going to wear. There's nothing worse than cleaning out your wardrobe a year later, only to realize you wore that olive dress once. Live in clothes that will make you feel wonderful every single day. A small collection of incredible clothes is better than a mega-load of so-so's.

When in doubt, add a belt. If you're looking in the mirror and having thoughts like, I look like a bag, or feels like something's probably is. On its own, this dress looks shapeless. Also, when you have "one shade wonders" like this red stunner, you've got to spice it up with accessories. In my opinion, belts, necklaces and earrings make the most impact. Rings and bracelets are pretty, but they don't really break up the bland. 

Remember when you were little and your parents had you pick your outfit out the night before? I need to be better about that. Every morning Chloe has to get up at the crack of dawn, and just this evening she said, "Hey Taylor? Want to help me pick out an outfit for tomorrow?" She ended up choosing the outfit I had on today (perks of being a sister!), and I couldn't help but think how nice it must be to not have to scramble minutes before leaving the house.

There's another thing Chloe said recently that struck me. She was talking about her red lipstick and how she's been making bolder fashion choices lately. I think there's a universal feeling out there of wanting to fit in, and in turn, flying under the radar when it comes to our style. We're like mirrors--trying to project the image we see around us. Especially when we're in school, we're afraid to shake things up because the last thing we want to do is stand out.

Boots: Nine West (black friday sale)
Take it from us--personal style can be one of the most liberating forms of self expression. Don't let what others think about you stop you from being who you are.

We're always looking for creative ways to make the most of what we have in our wardrobe. Any ideas? ;)

Photos taken by Taylor with an Olympus PEN camera

What I'm listening to: Katy Perry – Thinking Of You

Stay lovely!



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  2. I love your outfit! The boots are beautiful!!

    1. Thanks Angela!! We got the boots on Black Friday when they were mega on sale ;)