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Style Profile: Stephanie Kopel

When I started this blog, one of the things I wanted to do was showcase other people's style. If you've read The Experiment, you know what I'm talking about. Time and ease have gotten me into this cycle of using Chloe or myself in the majority of posts, but today we are switching it up!

Striped pink shirt: Charming Charlie's - Watch: Charming Charlie's - Pink vest: gift (Free People) - Fedora: Target

Stephanie Kopel, 20
Student; rockin' the music business scene in Nashville, TN

Allow me to introduce you to my drop-dead-gorgeous friend, Stephanie. She was one of my very first friends in Nashville, and we just grow crazier and weirder the more we're together! Whether we're at coffee, studying, or just meandering around town, you can pretty much find us laughing hysterically or bonding over our ginger locks :)

How would you describe your style?

S: I tend to be low maintenance which is reflected in my style. I try to stick to basics like neutral tops or solid colors paired with a statement piece (i.e. green pants or pink as a theme). Most days I just want to be comfortable while still having a bit of style.

jeans: T.J. Maxx

Tell me a little bit about yourself. What are you passionate about?

S: A bit about me...I like long walks on the beach...I have a soul...the basic need to knows. 
Seriously though, I am passionate about serving people on a personal level. In other words, I love getting to know people for who they are and ultimately I just like being able to make someone's day. I'm also passionate about music. Pretty sure I came out of the womb singing something from "Annie". I've promised myself that I want to make an impact with my voice no matter what. I'm 100% right brained, or rather I definitely prefer to exercise that half of my brain more so than the logical side.  I love adventures and anything that gives me an adrenaline rush (unless it involves bugs, blood, gore, hurting myself or anyone else, etc). I'd definitely love to go sky diving someday!

Tell me your favorite...

Peter and the Star Catchers! 

Under the Tuscan Sun and The Lion King (because I'm really only 5 years old)

Place to eat: 
Oh, God.... one place? Cafe Coco's is always a go to for me. But Fattoush (Greek), Bombay Palace (Indian) and Burger Up (good ol' Americana) are a few others.

Past time:
Sleeping, Hiking, Running, Dancing foolishly in my room to obnoxiously loud music

Summer and The VERY beginning of Fall.

TV show: 
The Walking Dead

Bohemian Rhapsody 



Brand of clothes: 
Steve Madden and Free People

Brand of makeup: 
Neutrogena, Cover Girl, Clinique 

Describe your process of getting ready in the morning. Do you pick out your outfits that day or the night before?

S: HA! My process consists of waking up 30 minutes before hand and scrambling to get ready! Which basically means jeans, flats or boots, and layered tops on a good day! I dress to my mood, so I have found that if I pick an outfit out the night before, I'm usually not feeling it the next morning. 

boots: Charlotte Russe

As a redhead, what have you found works/looks best on you?

S: Purples, emerald greens, off whites, pastel pinks, reds.

Shorts: Forever 21 - Bambi shirt: Target - Jean vest: hand-me-down from a friend

What struggles (dressing/style/makeup-wise) have you run into as a redhead?

S: Neon Colors with my skin tone just do not work. Also bright yellows... just no. Make up wise, I find it difficult to find foundation and concealer that matches my skin tone without looking super unnatural but that also covers. Freckles are just hard to deal with.

Sunglasses: free from CMA Fest

Describe your shopping process:

S: My shopping process has to be timed right. I can't shop when I'm not in the mood and the mood to shop comes very rarely. #brokecollegestudentproblems. When I do shop, I generally have something I really want in mind, and then I get discouraged when I can't find what I'm envisioning; it's a vicious cycle. Then there are times when I just have a free for all. Anything I happen to like is mine. My shopping process varies each time I do. 

Where are your favorite places to shop? 

S: T.J. Maxx has been my go to recently, but I definitely have a soft spot for Macy's and Dillards and Belk. I love department stores minus the fact that their stuff is usually waaayyy out of my budget.

Are you a bargain hunter? Or are you more of a "buy fewer full-price pieces" that you'll wear more often?

S: I'm definitely a bargain hunter! I'd say 90% of why I walk away empty handed is because I can't justify spending x amount on an item I could likely make at home (if I had the skill or time). Bargains are tough to spot though! I'm all about scoping out the clearance wracks at Target. If you see something there full priced on display, wait till the end of the month! It'll likely be marked down a good 70%. But I also shop for practicality, so I make sure to ask myself how much use I'll get out of something to justify it's price.

Do you prefer in-store or online shopping?

S: Definitely In-store. Online shopping just seems far more tedious if the item doesn't end up fitting. 

Who are your style icons/inspirations?

S: EVERYONE!! Random people on the street! I literally watch other people and see what I like about their outfits and I go on hunts for similar styles.

sneakers: Aldo

Do you lean towards clean/classic or patterns/colorful?

S: I lean towards both. But I do favor classic elegance. Sometimes I mix it up. Again, it just depends on my mood. 

Peplum shirt: T.J. Maxx - Green hat: T.J. Maxx (Jessica Simpson) - Scarf: Target - Jeans: T.J. Maxx

How has your style evolved over the years?

S: I can't help but laugh thinking back. I started off SUPER tom boy. I'm talking a Homer-Simpson-in-his-tighty-whities T-shirt with a short black mini skirt thing and reebok sneakers with pink laces. Not to mention my hair was constantly up in a pony tail. It wasn't until about freshman year of high school that I found my style since I had more freedom from the school system. Now I'm a free for all. Some days I want to be sassy and dress up to the nines and some days I don't mind doing the sporty tom boy look. 

What is your favorite thing to shop for? What do you wear most? 

S: Shoeeessssss <3333333333333 Shoes are my weakness. Also, shirts... fun frilly shirts. I wear jeans mostly, but I am looking more into shorts with fun patterns and I'm on the hunt for skirts I love

Got any tips/tricks for style, hair, or makeup?

S: Wear what makes you feel comfortable and don't look cakey. I personally think a woman is most beautiful the more natural her make up is. 

Ring: Charming Charlie's

Are you a trend-setter or trend follower?

S: Not certain I can say I set trends (other than having most of the females in my classes dying their hair red out of no where) but I also wouldn't say I follow too much. I just do my own thing and pay no mind to the rest. If I do see something someone is rocking that I like, I might try to go find something similar but that has more "me" in it's design.

Are you a crazy dresser or more reserved?

S: If ya got it, flaunt it! Kind of...haha. I'd say I'm in between! I don't want to expose too much, but I don't want to hide my curves. I'd say I cover all the appropriate places to an appropriate extent. hahaha

Spring is on it's way. What are must-have pieces in your spring 2013 wardrobe?

S: New Rain boots, Cow Girl Boots, Shorts, Clear bucket Umbrella, Floral anything! 

Any other advice you'd like to share with our readers?

S: Complimenting people on their style is always a good idea! It certainly brightens my day when someone tells me I look nice! Do it even if you don't know someone and watch their reaction :)

Steph and me at one of our favorite hangouts: Cafe Cocos

A big thanks to Steph for being a fantastic model! Did I mention she has an incredible voice? Check out her killer chops on SoundCloud.

Photos shot by Taylor with an Olympus PEN camera

As always, stay lovely!


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