Friday, July 19, 2013

A band. A blog. A way of life.

Dress: Urban Outfitters - Shoes: Audrey Brooke (DSW)

I like to fill my life with things that make me happy. This blog, for example, makes me happy. And whenever I find something that makes me happy, I make it my unconscious goal to share that feeling with anyone and everyone I can. Because that's the stuff life should be made of ;) 

So here's a compilation of a few pictures we found on our computer from our time in Minnesota!

Heading out for a photo shoot, cruising across the Stone Arch Bridge!
Stephanie (left) Dress: Forever 21 - Backpack: Target • Taylor (right) Cowboy boots: RCC Western

Life on the road has our tiny team of three working non-stop, but with Chloe gone at camp for five days, my normal routine was a little out of whack. Since I write most of my songs solo, I decided to seek out a "sanctuary" where I could be alone. So as evening approached, I gathered my essentials: notebook, iPhone, laptop, Bic Velocity pen (a newfound and much-loved discovery) and slung my guitar across my back. Bidding adieu to my mom and grandma, I teetered barefoot down the hall. I must have looked a sight decked out in an old pair of VS sweatpants, neon orange T-shirt and a fire-engine red Bass Pro trucker hat.

Stephanie (left) Sunglasses: Herberger's - Top: Victoria Secret - Shorts: Charlotte Russe - Sperry's: Macy's
Taylor (right) Dress: Urban Outfitters - Sandals: Target

My first inclination was to try the "chapel," a small room right off the dining hall. I fumbled clumsily with the door, trying to balance my fragile belongings as I let myself inside. The space was quaint, with a few scattered chairs and glowing cross perched ceremoniously on the back wall. An eerie silence hung in the still air, but I shrugged it off and began rearranging the space to get comfortable. 

Left to right: Caramel Northern Light cooler and Lemon Ginger Pomegranate sparkling juice

Leafing through my notebook, I opened to a clean page and pressed it neatly down with my fingers. My free hand weaved through a familiar series of iPhone rituals--unlocking, swiping, selecting--until I'd unlocked my songwriting vault: a lair of late-night musings, scattered thoughts and half-finished verses.

And I started to write.

A verse and chorus later, I began feeling uneasy. The room was pretty bare except for the illuminated cross on the wall, and it felt a little sacrilegious writing secular songs with it hanging there. This may be some people's sanctuary, I thought to myself, but it's certainly not mine. With that, I picked up camp and moved next door.

Chloe (left) Lace top: Urban Outfitters

Inspiration can occur in the most unlikely places. I've become pretty accustomed to this idea, as my go-to "writing space" for the past year was a small closet off my bedroom in West Nashville. I surveyed the empty halls, looking for a suitable room that wouldn't disturb residents. Directly to my left, I spotted an open door that led to what appeared to be a dance studio. Sunlight streamed through the back windows, dancing eagerly on the newly furbished hardwood floors. Score, I thought. 

Stephanie (left) Dress: Charlotte Russe - Shoes: Charlotte Russe
Chloe (right) Denim top: American Eagle Outfitters - Bandeau: Aerie - Shorts: American Eagle Outfitters
Shoes: Chuck Taylor (Off Broadway Shoes)

So there I was, watching the sun set and writing my heart out in the Group Exercise Room. A few passersby stopped to peek curiously through the windows, cocking their head to the side at the sight of this girl twirling wildly around the room with her guitar. It's not everyday you come across a scene like that in the retirement home ;)

Dress: Urban Outfitters

Taking quickly to this newfound space, I returned each day in the late afternoon, when I knew the daily workout sessions would be over. The adjacent room was only separated by a paneled wall, so I made sure to seal it and close all the doors before I started. To me, there's something liberating about knowing you're completely alone, free to roam in your own little world. 

So it was an invigorating, productive weekend to say the least! I cranked out a couple songs, and we're really excited to share them with you all :) One of them was written as a duet (requiring a male vocal...something that's a little new/foreign/exciting for us!) so not sure how and when that will come together, but be sure to check out our tour schedule to see if we'll be playing in your area because we always debut our new material live first ;)

What I'm listening to: Long Time Gone by The Civil Wars & T Bone Burnett

Photos shot by Chloe, Taylor & Stephanie with an Olympus Pen camera

Stay lovely!


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