Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Penny For My Thoughts

Floral strapless top: Urban Outfitters - White shorts: American Eagle Outfitters - Pink wristlet: Coach
Sparkle sandals: Target - Earrings: American Eagle Outfitters

I struggle when writing these blogs. Taylor’s writing is so colorful and perfectly crafted that sometimes I feel like my words look like a pile of poop in comparison. I think there’s definitely some truth in that because she would never ever place the words “pile of poop” in a published blog. So I guess I’ll just talk about whatever comes to mind, once I’m done explaining a little about this look (: You guys will get to learn more about me, what I’m like and what I stand for. A little fun, a little serious...lemme know what you think, cuz it is a little different!

Firstly: the look, of course! Continuing the obsession with the peplum trend, I could not turn down this top. I was also pretty excited to be so fond of a printed top, because I’m usually a solid colors kind of girl, but that can get a little boring after a while. Those of you who read my prom blog understand my sandal choice here. 

Any time I can throw sparkles into an outfit in a classy manner, I do :) The wristlet (identical to Taylor’s black one from the previous post, but pink!) was a gift from a friend, and I absolutely adore it. I hate carrying a purse around on my shoulder, so this little thing is perfect for my phone, license and a little cash!

The rest of the look will be more closely displayed in the photos to follow, but what you will not get from the pictures is what makes up the girl in the images. I don’t know if anyone really cares, but what the hay.

I love the rain, especially when I can be out in it. There is nothing worse than water pouring from the skies and not being able to feel the droplets land on your skin. I find something magical in sunny rains: the two best types of weather combined into one. For anyone who is as obsessed as I am, check out You can thank me later (;

I also love to dance. No, I am not a dancer. In fact, on my first day of dance class I recall yelling at the teacher to please let me out of the class (never mind that I'd been waiting for two years watching Taylor dance). Now I kind of regret my 4 ½ year old actions. These days, I resort to performing for the pots, pans, veggies, noodles and sauces as I’m cooking in the kitchen, blasting my most recent musical finds on Spotify.

I have 3 addictions. The first is Sun-Shades chap-stick in the Vanilla Bean flavor. I hate when my lips are dry. I cannot think of anything else if my lips are not properly moisturized. My second addiction is Frank’s RedHot hot sauce. But seriously folks, next time you’re making homemade mac n' cheese, shake a little in there and you'll experience a whole new level of delicious. Thirdly, is my addiction to ice cream. It’s my weakness. Half-price shakes and malts at Sonic during the summer are the reason I have become a runner...So delicious.

I value real friendship. Unfortunately, real friendship is often hard to find. I think a lot of times it's our own fault. We seek relationships with people who we can get something from. Because they can do something for us. I’m guilty of this. I’ve found when relationships form in this manner, we change who we are in order to become what we think people are going to like. 

And many times we lose sight of who we are in these situations. People are afraid of being vulnerable. Showing another person who you are and opening up to them is exposing yourself to rejection. It’s easier to have a false version of yourself rejected than your true self.

Friendships aren’t supposed to based on conditions. There shouldn’t be any “if _______ , then we can be friends.” People should be friends because they genuinely like each other and have fun together. Friends should be able to fight without fear of it destroying the relationship. We should be able to be honest, open and vulnerable without feeling judged or unaccepted.

Those are just some of my thoughts for today! I would love to hear about you as well: your strange obsessions/addictions, your thoughts on life, your passions… Leave a comment on this post and I’ll get back to you! (:

White Shorts: American Eagle

Sparkly Sandals: Target

Quilted Pink Wristlet: Coach

Earrings: American Eagle

Necklace: A gift

What I’m listening to: Brady Toops (The whole record!)

I'll leave you all with a quote I saw on Pinterest:

 "Learn to love without condition. Talk without bad intention. Give without any reason. And most of all, care for people without any expectation."

All my love, 
Chlo Chlo

Photos shot and edited by Taylor on an iPhone 4S

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